Latest Refrigeration Solution from Heatcraft Provides Supermarkets with New Levels of Energy-Efficiency

Columbus, GA – January 25, 2012 – Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration, a leading provider of commercial refrigeration products and components introduces a new series of energy-efficient reach-in door cases from its Kysor/Warren brand. Acquired by Heatcraft in 2011, Kysor/Warren has manufactured the highly successful STRATUS product line of refrigerated merchandisers since 2009. STRATUS display cases’ modular design combines enhanced merchandising with increased energy cost-savings. The new door case merchandiser provides even greater efficiency with a 60 percent energy-savings compared to open cases and 15 percent more efficient than the company’s recent reach-in model.

“Through our Kysor/Warren brand of display cases, we invested the last several years in developing technology to deliver products that maximize energy-efficiency for supermarkets,” said George Parsons, Director of Case Engineering at Heatcraft. “We pride ourselves on not only complying with 2012 DOE standards, but also being ahead of the curve when it comes to providing our customers with best in class energy-efficient refrigeration equipment. The introduction of our reach-in door case exemplifies this commitment.”

Estimated to save grocers $4,000 in energy costs over a two-year period with a 60-door line up, the new merchandiser is designed to store a variety of food products. The case comes standard equipped with energy-saving EC motors and feature tall, sleek doors with quick defogging technology which helps maximize the display area making more merchandise visible to shoppers. The product also has the largest cubic capacity on the market, allowing grocery retailers to store more food products while helping reduce restocking frequency.

“At Heatcraft, we understand refrigeration energy costs are one of the largest expenses for any grocer,” said Grady McAdams, Vice President of Sales and Customer Service. “We are in the business of helping our customers achieve a better-looking bottom-line, and we’ve accomplished this with the new reach-in door case product by successfully combining energy-cost savings with enhanced and effective merchandising.”

The reach-in door case product is available to grocers in both medium and low temperatures featuring several shelving options. For more information, please visit KysorWarren.com.

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