Heatcraft Launches an Integrated Solar Power Solution for the Commercial Refrigeration Industry

Stone Mountain, GA – March 15, 2012 – Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration, a leading provider of commercial refrigeration products and components today launched a solar energy system to integrate directly with its microchannel air-cooled condenser product. The patent-pending SunSource™ Energy System is designed to help grocery retailers and other commercial refrigeration users reduce energy consumption during peak demand hours throughout the day resulting in greater energy savings.

“The SunSource system is the latest example of our commitment to introducing green technologies that will lower the overall environmental impact of commercial refrigeration equipment,” says Dustan Atkinson, Product Manager for Heatcraft. “We’ve also focused on providing our customers with the advantage of easy installation in this new product solution.”

The easy-to-install system collects energy from the sun, feeds it directly into a solar-ready microchannel air-cooled condenser, and supplies any excess electricity to the rest of the building or to the power grid. In much of the country, the system can allow the air-cooled condenser to operate grid-free during times of peak energy usage, as it generates more power than the condenser consumes.

“By pairing a Heatcraft microchannel condenser with a solar energy system, building operators can cut their energy bills, lower emissions and reduce refrigerant charge,” said Grady McAdams, Vice President of Sales and Customer Service for Heatcraft. “They can also lessen their building’s dependence on the electricity grid and demonstrate their strong commitment to the environment.”

Easy to install on almost any size or shape roof, SunSource is designed for safer operation than traditional solar energy systems because it eliminates the use of a high-DC-voltage line. The output of each microinverter located within a SunSource panel is limited to 50 volts. In the event of a power loss, the microinverters stop transmitting power to the rooftop unit and the main building panel.

In 2011, Heatcraft launched a new air cooled condenser with microchannel coil technology featuring a 70 percent reduction in refrigerant charge. Heatcraft customers can now include the SunSource system as an option to the microchannel condenser to create even greater energy-savings while reducing consumption.

To learn more about the SunSource system or other products from Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration, please visit Heatcraftrpd.com.

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