Who's Watching Your Refrigeration System?

You have a chef who keeps an eye on the kitchen staff, and maybe a surveillance system that monitors your dining room and parking lot. But who's watching your refrigeration system? If the answer is “no one,” you may be ignoring the potential for losing thousands of dollars in food and wasted energy in one day.

Installing a remote monitoring system can help keep track of food temperatures, energy costs and equipment performance – providing a simple yet smart way to control your operating expenses. By allowing immediate access from any internet connection, a remote system monitors refrigeration control easily and effectively, whether you have one store or units all across the country. Just one of these units can cut your costs and downtime, helping avoid expensive problems like:

  • A new employee resets the temperature incorrectly, causing food to thaw and spoil, or
  • An evaporator coil freezes over, allowing the compressor to run continuously, or
  • Service technicians are called unnecessarily, wasting time and money

Installing a remote monitoring system can help control costs in your restaurant, supermarket or other foodservice business. You may already have a control system for your HVAC or lighting; monitoring the temperature of refrigerators and freezers is a logical step toward protecting the most important commodity you sell.

Who has the remote?

Remote monitoring allows one (or more) users to control multiple locations for quality assurance and to provide a high level of control over costs associated with your cold storage and foodservice refrigeration systems. By continually logging hundreds of measurements and control points, the systems assure the quality and integrity of refrigerated and frozen foods, keeping customers safe and satisfied with their purchase. An alarm notifies your technicians of any problems, and the data can be accessed through any Internet connection.

In addition, the monitoring system analyzes equipment function and real-time data to check system performance, preventing damage to the equipment and providing proof of energy savings by verifying the efficiency of installed systems. Diagnostics features allow simpler, faster troubleshooting from any computer, helping reduce service hours and costs.

Faster, easier, more cost-effective

A remote monitoring system like the Heatcraft Vantage£ Console provides a password-protected login, fast setup and configuration of the dashboard and a simple-to-use interface with immediate access to system status. The Vantage Console also offers:

  • Quick access to alarm history, space temperature trend graphs and other downloadable reports
  • Customizable 24/7 automatic alarm notification via email, text or fax
  • Performance data points such as number of compressor cycles, compressor run times and length of defrost cycles
  • HACCP and foodservice compliance with automatic reporting and monitoring for standards

The Heatcraft Vantage Console can be easily, seamlessly integrated with the Beacon II, Mohave or any Heatcraft refrigeration control system using a Heatcraft system controller and a data manager device.

“The Heatcraft Vantage Console lets our customers enjoy the convenience of real-time monitoring and control in addition to exceptional customer service and technical support,” said Todd Hoff, vice president of global marketing and product development at Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration.