Close the door! Simple, money-saving refrigeration tips from Heatcraft Refrigeration Products

STONE MOUNTAIN, GA - March 17, 2011 - Closing the door of a walk-in freezer seems so obvious, but how often have you seen an employee propping the door open for an extended period? Making sure the walk-in is closed at all times, unless someone's going in or out of it, is the easiest way to reduce wasted energy. Here are seven other simple - and cheap - ways to save from Heatcraft Refrigeration Products:

  • At least twice a year, clean the evaporator and condensing coils. If the coils are located outdoors, they should be cleaned more often. On outside condensing units, be sure there are no weeds or trash nearby that could block air flow.
  • Make sure nothing is stacked around the coil. Restricting air flow requires the unit to work harder, and use more energy.
  • Don't stack food or boxes too close to the thermometer's sensing bulb in the door. It can cause a false reading of the walk-in's temperature and require the unit to work harder than necessary.
  • Check the door sweep to be sure it's sealing properly. If there are any tears, fix or replace them. For the same reason, be sure hinges are kept clean and lubricated at least once a year to allow them to close properly.
  • Have a service technician check the tightness of the system's electrical connections. Loose wires can cause high amperage and force your walk-in to use excess energy.
  • Turn off the interior lights when leaving the walk-in. Lights produce heat and cause your system to run more to maintain the required temperature.
  • Place a back-up thermometer inside the walk-in to ensure the unit is cooling to the appropriate temperature.

If your energy bills are still too high, Heatcraft Refrigeration Products can help with energy-saving commercial refrigeration equipment through the E Solutions program .