New Refrigeration Condenser from Heatcraft Helps Supermarkets

STONE MOUNTAIN, GA – MAY 18, 2011 – Heatcraft Refrigeration Products, a leader in commercial refrigeration, introduces its new air-cooled condenser featuring microchannel coil technology. This latest refrigeration solution includes an environmentally friendly design that lowers refrigerant charge by more than 70 percent, helping grocers significantly reduce their impact on the environment and save operating costs.

“In today’s marketplace, supermarkets want more than just a well-made piece of equipment,” said Subodh Sharma, Marketing Director for Heatcraft North America. “They want quality refrigeration solutions that can help decrease energy consumption and provide cost savings. Our new air-cooled condenser was developed with these business goals in mind.”

Equipped with a variable speed EC motor that helps maximize energy efficiency, the new condenser also includes an all-aluminum microchannel coil design that offers improved corrosion resistance for a longer-lasting, more durable product – even in coastal environments. It also features an innovative sound reduction technology that lowers sound pressure by more than 50 percent, resulting in a quieter product.

“Adding value to our customers’ businesses by developing environmentally friendly, high-performance products is one of our highest priorities,” says Dustan Atkinson, Product Manager for Heatcraft North America.

Developed in a lightweight, compact size, the condenser fits within the same basic footprint as comparable products, eliminating the need for major changes to building design.

In addition to supermarket applications, the air-cooled condenser is suitable for customers within the cold-storage and telecommunications industries, as well as a variety of other industries. This new condenser is available under the BOHN, Larkin, Climate Control and Chandler brands.

To learn more about this product, visit www.heatcraftrpd.com.

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