Restaurant and Convenience Store Chains Cut Energy Costs with the Smart Defrost Kit™, a Product of Heatcraft Refrigeration Products’ InterLink Brand

Stone Mountain, GA (January 24, 2007) – Field tests involving a national foodservice restaurant chain, a national specialty grocery chain and a national convenience store chain reveal that InterLink’s Smart Defrost Kit™ (SDK) is cutting energy costs for users. Using new technology to predict frost accumulation, the SDK has proven to reduce the number of defrosts by 35-40%. Some of these field tests showed energy cost savings and paybacks in as little as six months.

“The Smart Defrost Kit automatically predicts frost accumulations and defrosts the coil only when needed, reducing the number of defrost cycles by up to 45%,” states Chris Peel, vice president and general manager of Heatcraft Refrigeration Products LLC. “This not only can reduce your customer’s operational costs by over 20%, but it also extends compressor life, ensures a more consistent box temperature and ultimately improves the integrity of the stored products.”

SDK is a revolutionary product, the first of its kind in the industry and one that offers significant advantages to contractors, wholesalers and end users.

The product, which is widely available from wholesalers, offers several benefits to contractors. Contractors can provide greater value to customers and help them save operational costs by offering this standalone control as an enhancement to the customer’s installed unit. Contractors will also appreciate the SDK’s easy installation, with typical installations lasting about 30 minutes or less.

As exclusive distributors, InterLink authorized wholesalers have the opportunity to offer a standalone control, field-installed kit to refrigeration contractors. Easy to stock and display, wholesalers are able to showcase the SDK effortlessly and offer contractors the ability to purchase the product right away.

Finally, end users, such as restaurants, convenience stores and warehouse applications, will value the simple, inexpensive way that the quick-to-install SDK produces significant operational savings through reduced energy usage as well as enhanced product integrity through more stable box temperatures.

The SDK will be available from authorized wholesalers on March 9. Additional product information and a payback calculator can be found at www.interlinkparts.com. Visitors may also sign up to receive e-mail notifications of product availability and developments, as well as access product white papers.

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