InterLink Announces Third-Party Test Results for its new Smart Defrost Kit™

Stone Mountain, GA (June 5, 2007) – Intertek, a third-party testing company, has confirmed that InterLink’s Smart Defrost Kit™ (SDK), is cutting energy costs for restaurants, convenience stores, small grocery stores, cold storage and refrigerated warehouses. Using new technology to predict frost accumulation, the SDK has been proven to reduce the number of unnecessary defrosts by as much as 44%.

With the cooperation of a national restaurant chain in Stone Mountain, Georgia, Intertek began its testing on February 2, 2007 with the intent of validating that InterLink’s SDK is capable of reducing the number of unnecessary defrost cycles and temperature fluctuations in a walk-in freezer. Intertek recorded baseline data for a period of two weeks without the use of an SDK. Following the initial two week time period, the SDK was installed and readings were measured and recorded for an additional two-week period concluding on March 2, 2007.

“Intertek’s tests demonstrated the SDK has achieved a skip rate of 44% depending on application and local conditions,” states Jim Kitchen, senior product manager for controls of Heatcraft Refrigeration Products LLC. “This not only significantly reduces operational costs, but it also extends compressor life, ensures a more consistent box temperature and ultimately improves the integrity of the stored products.”

The national restaurant chain used a Larkin low profile evaporator installed inside an 8’ X 6’ X 6’ box with three glass doors attached. The box temperature set point was 0ºF with a ten degree differential control thermostat. A Larkin 3 ½ HP condensing unit (powered with 230VAC) was located on the building’s roof approximately 10 feet above the refrigerated space. The store operated with four scheduled defrosts per day.

The SDK is available from all authorized InterLink wholesalers and is recommended for electric defrost commercial refrigeration systems (certified for all HRP brands) with three or more scheduled defrosts per day. Additional product information and a payback calculator can be found at www.interlinkparts.com/sdk. Visitors may also sign up to receive e-mail notifications of product availability and developments, as well as access product white papers.

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