Large warehouses, distribution centers and other cold-storage applications demand quiet, efficient and dependable operation. Precisely engineered for optimum performance, Heatcraft refrigeration systems deliver on all counts.

Precision-engineered products from Bohn, Larkin, Climate Control & Chandler offer dependable performance over a long product life. All condensing units, warehouse evaporators and multiple compressor systems are made of corrosion-resistant materials for durability, dependability and low maintenance, no matter how harsh the conditions may be.

For each product we offer, a wide variety of sizes and add-on options is available to ensure you have the right equipment combination to fit your requirements. We can even custom-design systems. For instance, if your application calls for a modified evaporator, we can supply the unit, along with matching refrigerant fittings, tubing, valves and other accessories. Whatever your site or project needs, you can count on us for a high-quality, money-saving solution.