As an industry leader, we’re always pushing limits.
And not just our own.

At Heatcraft Refrigeration Products, we strive to help not only our valued customers accomplish their goals, but also to help students across the country grow and develop into young leaders who can leave lasting impacts throughout the world. Our co-op program provides aspiring students real-world engineering projects that transform incoming students into polished professionals.

Our aggressive co-op program combines projects in areas that incorporate design principles and manufacturing practices that afford students the experience of seeing their designs and modifications become real world units that are shipped to customers including supermarkets, cold storage, and food service applications. We provide an exciting and challenging learning environment for students to develop both their engineering and leadership skills that culminate in a design project where the student is the Lead Engineer.

Benefit to Student

Co-op students who work for us earn a competitive starting salary that is updated each term as the students responsibility grows. Our students also receive paid holidays after 30 days of work as well as access to a 401(k) plan. Your journey does not end after your co-op. After your graduation from college we offer the potential of embarking on a career with us.

If you are a motivated student who wants real-world, project based experience with competitive pay, contact careers@heatcraftrpd.com