Heatcraft manufactures a variety of energy-efficient commercial refrigeration products. These systems not only use less of our diminishing natural resources, they are designed for reliability, so they help companies conserve by extending the life of their equipment.

Energy Solutions

E Solutions™ products are designed to exceed current energy and environmental standards, helping our customers to make more energy efficient, eco-conscious choices. These smart solutions help to dramatically reduce energy needs, improve unit performance and extend service life.

Among our E Solutions™-labeled products are:

  • EC motors – Fixed speed EC motors deliver up to a 59% efficiency increase over shaded pole motors and a 30-35% increase over permanent-split capacitor (PSC) motors.
  • QuietEdge™ Fan Blade – Patented fan blade technology is designed for each motor speed, optimizing performance and ensuring the lowest sound level possible.
  • HyperCore™ microchannel coil technology – This corrosion-resistant coil greatly reduces refrigerant charge compared to traditional coils. It offers potential to reduce energy consumption, sound, refrigerant charge and leak potential.