Heatcraft Training

Our commitment to excellence does not stop with our products. We provide ongoing training for our Heatcraft Refrigeration Products customers and team of representatives. Because our technology is always evolving, we continually update our training on our Industrial Unit Coolers, Compressorized Products and Advanced Technologies, including the Mohave Hot Gas System and Refrigeration Controllers. Interactive online training will include videos and animations for enhanced understanding of the training to encourage accelerated learning. After the completion of each training module, each participant will have the option to answer ten (10) questions for each model to test their newly acquired knowledge of each product.

Available Interactive Courses

Heatcraft Training

Presented by

Mark Dutton Heatcraft Ajith Kailasam Heatcraft
Mark has over 24 years of experience in commercial refrigeration. Ajit has over 16 years of experience in commercial refrigeration.