Quick Response Controller

The Heatcraft Quick Response Controller is a factory installed and tested control solution that provides superior system performance and energy savings by performing three key functions: Automatic Superheat Control, Room Temperature Control, and Optimized Defrosts for refrigeration unit coolers.

Factory Installed & Tested

Ease of Installation

  • Pre-assembled controls package
  • No installing or connecting components
  • Reduced time and effort required for installation
  • System will work optimally out of the box

Stand Alone

  • Complexity and volume of electrical wiring decreased
  • Faster installations and easier troubleshooting

Rapid Response - Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV)

Improved Temperature Control

  • Designed to maintain product or process temperatures within a specific range
  • EEV’s will allow system to reach optimal conditions faster
  • Greater control over system temperatures


  • Ideal settings already exist in the algorithm with an EEV
  • Select the desired superheat and refrigerant type, the controller will automatically make necessary adjustments


  • Achieving and maintaining ideal superheat ensures equipment responds rapidly following compressor startup
  • Refrigeration systems balance out quickly, adapt to changing conditions faster

Intelligent Demand Defrost

Demand Defrost

  • Continuously evaluating system parameters, pressures, temperatures and valve position
  • Executes a defrost cycle only when actual conditions warrant
  • Results in overall energy savings, more consistent box temperatures and improved product integrity

Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration continues to increase the intelligence of your refrigeration system.