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Game Time Promotion

July 1, 2019 - September 30, 2019

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Terms & Conditions

Cold Storage Contractor Program
(Nights in Paradise)

October 1, 2018 – August 30, 2019
Target: Wholesalers, Cold Storage contractors

  • Achieve incremental sales revenue in comparison to prior year sales by:
    - $100K+ and earn $1K voucher or Yeti merchandise reward package valued at $1,000
    - $500K+ and earn a trip for two to Secrets Resort in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Eligible product(s):

Standard Unit Coolers
  • Large Unit Cooler
  • Medium Profile Unit Coolers

Industrial Unit Coolers

  • HL Warehouse
  • HD Dual Flow
  • HR Between the Rails

Standard Condensing Units

  • Vertical Condensing Units
  • Dual Vertical Condensing Units
Screw Condensing Units
  • SSV & DSV Models
Rack Systems
  • CO2 Transcritical
  • CO2 / NH3
  • HFC
Mohave Hot Gas Defrost Systems
  • LDV, HDV, BDV, CDV Models


  • Installed on Medium and Large Profile Unit Coolers

Introducing BONUSES based on purchases from SELECT PRODUCT LINES!

Product Line Additional Value
  • - Industrial Unit Cooler
  • - Screw Condensing Units
  • - Rack Systems
Extra 20% of the product value
  • - intelliGen™ Control
Extra 10% of the product value