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SelectBohn Standard ModelBohn Config ModelList Price ($US)Defrost TypeVoltageMotor TypeCFMRating Point °FCapacity (BTUH)
-BMA130SA4,332Air Defrost208-230/1/60PSC-TE Motor2,30010°F TD 25°F SST13,000
-BMA155SA5,059Air Defrost208-230/1/60PSC-TE Motor2,20010°F TD 25°F SST15,500
-BMA245SA7,349Air Defrost208-230/1/60PSC-TE Motor4,60010°F TD 25°F SST24,500
-BMA300SA9,208Air Defrost208-230/1/60PSC-TE Motor4,40010°F TD 25°F SST30,000
-BMA365SA11,510Air Defrost208-230/1/60PSC-TE Motor6,90010°F TD 25°F SST36,500
-BMA450SA13,604Air Defrost208-230/1/60PSC-TE Motor6,60010°F TD 25°F SST45,000
-BMA510SA15,975Air Defrost208-230/1/60PSC-TE Motor9,20010°F TD 25°F SST51,000
-BMA600SA16,890Air Defrost208-230/1/60PSC-TE Motor8,80010°F TD 25°F SST60,000
-BMA710SA19,281Air Defrost208-230/1/60PSC-TE Motor10,50010°F TD 25°F SST71,000
-BMA130SA4,538Air Defrost460/1/60PSC-TE Motor2,30010°F TD 25°F SST13,000


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