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Bohn Standard Model: ADT260BEK
Bohn Config Model: ADT260SK
Voltage: 208-230/1/60
Motor Type: EC Motor
List Price ($US): 8,016
Bohn intelliGen™ Config Model: ADT260SGK
Bohn intelliGen™ Config. List Price ($US): 10,070

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Factory-Installed Options are only available for Configurable Models.

Option CodeDescriptionNotesList Price Adder(US$)
Electrical Options   
BCN.B2NBeacon II 1,559
BCN.B2NintelliGen™ 2,054
Mechanical Options   
C260.TXV6TXV 453
C260.MC6TXV & LLSV 771
C260.QC6QCF, TXV, & LLSV 1,424
Coil Options   
C260.ASKBohn-Kote™ 1,762
C260.PSBohn-Guard™ Fin Protection 1,213
C260.CS.BRZBronz-Glow or ElectroFin 2,087
C260.CSCopper Fin Coils Call Factory

  • Beacon II™ must be ordered as a system. B2/QRC/intelliGen™ is not available for 460/1/60 and 260/3/60.
  • TXV = Expansion Valve; LLSV = Liquid Line Solenoid Valve; QCF = Quick Connect Fittings.
  • PSC-TE Fan Motors, Stainless Steel Cabinet & Pan, Electro-fin Coils and Copper Fin Coils are available. Contact your Sales Representative or Account Engineer for more information.
  • Must specify which coating at time of order entry.