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New energy-efficiency space-saving unit cooler

In the foodservice industry, as in most businesses, you measure the relative benefits of the products you use in many ways. You gauge quality, reliability, cost, and a host of other factors. Now Heatcraft brings you a product with benefits you can measure in inches—10 inches to be precise.

The new Slim Contour Unit Cooler from Heatcraft is a space-saving marvel, designed with a very low 11-inch unit height, about five inches less than a standard low-profile unit cooler. What's more, its drain line saves another five inches by extending straight out of the unit, rather than hanging underneath and getting in the way. You gain 10 inches of valuable space. But that's only the beginning.

Improved serviceability counts, too

With ever-increasing focus on food safety issues today, the need for walk-in unit coolers that are easy to clean and service is great. The Slim Contour Unit Cooler was designed specifically to address those customer needs.

Constructed from a combination of high-strength resin housings and metal structural components, these units are designed with modular cassettes that can be quickly removed to expose the coil and drain pan for easy cleaning. Even the fan guards are removable, making them easy to clean in the dishwasher or by hand.

The design integrates an advanced air mover with a refrigeration duty-optimized 7mm coil to provide maximum cooling performance in medium temperature applications where a lower unit height and higher capacity/pull-down capability are desired.

To learn more about the Heatcraft Slim Contour Unit Cooler, contact a Heatcraft sales representative or visit our website to view the complete list of products available from Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration.

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