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The benefits of remote monitoring & control

When it comes to operating a successful business, ensuring food quality and safety is critical. From crisp and tender greens to fresh-tasting seafood and juicy, flavorful fruit, product preservation and presentation go a long way in keeping your bottom line intact. As awareness of food safety becomes more prevalent within the restaurant industry, foodservice operators across the U.S. are met with the challenge of renewing their commitment of establishing effective precautions to help protect food supplies.

When food safety and integrity are compromised, your business—and your customers' health—can take a quick and lasting hit. Even with a reliable commercial refrigeration system, a simple error, like a door left open, a sudden rise in box temperatures or an unexpected electrical outage can have you scrambling to protect your perishables—all while trying to keep costs under control.

The power of data

What if there was a way to prevent future food spoilage disasters, with a system capable of not only collecting and storing massive amounts of data, but also going beyond typical applications that provide end users with simple alarms and notifications?

Today’s refrigeration monitoring systems can take advantage of available data to offer users important feedback about their equipment. For example, the system can help users track the efficiency level of their equipment, recommending or automatically taking steps to increase efficiency based on the actual application. Another example is using prognostics to analyze trend data, in turn predicting potential failures, identifying appropriate replacement part numbers and even pointing to local wholesale inventory.

These systems also feature troubleshooting that can pinpoint a problem by using the same logic and data that an application engineer may use when troubleshooting in the field. By analyzing the alarm data, the controller can also prompt the user by providing a logical sequence of troubleshooting steps for the contractor to follow.

Remote Control: An innovative solution

Installing a refrigeration system that offers continual, 24/7 remote surveillance of your equipment can not only help ensure product safety and integrity, but even help your business save money in the process.

A remote monitoring system allows one or multiple users to keep track of food temperatures, energy costs and equipment performance in one or several locations via a remote communications network—anywhere they can access the internet. A communications management center included with the system can offer users performance analytics and diagnostics, provide alarms for food safety and quality issues and send alerts in the event the system experiences a component failure or maintenance and repair are needed. With control capability, users can also ensure their system is set up and configured properly, helping to save time and money in the process.

But the real savings come through preventing system failures and malfunction, as well as the ability to diagnose issues and take corrective actions remotely as soon as they arise. Choose a system that offers ‘round-the-clock surveillance with emails, alerts and texts, like the Heatcraft Remote Refrigeration Control, which works with the Heatcraft Beacon II™ Refrigeration System to provide quick notification of potential problems when time is of the essence.

By combining the inherent capabilities of microprocessors with system knowledge, Heatcraft can provide a unique refrigeration system unlike anything available in the industry today, offering ongoing opportunities within the foodservice and cold storage markets.

To learn more about the Heatcraft Remote Refrigeration Control, contact a Heatcraft sales representative.

The benefits of remote monitoring & control
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