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Product Spotlight: Heatcraft Remote Refrigeration Control

Monitor and control your refrigeration system from anywhere with the Heatcraft Remote Refrigeration Control.

As the most advanced monitoring and control package for commercial refrigeration systems, the Heatcraft Remote Refrigeration Control combines remote, web-based monitoring and diagnostic capabilities to keep customers visibly connected to their commercial refrigeration equipment in one or more locations.

Ideally suited for the restaurant and foodservice industry, the Heatcraft Remote Refrigeration Control helps optimize the performance of refrigeration equipment, protect the system from failure, provide proof of energy savings and strengthen the userís food-safety compliance. It offers:

•   Real-time remote monitoring of system performance
•   Logging of over 300 control points and sensors
•   Complete access to all remote-control functions
•   Secure access
•   Easy setup and configuration
•   Reporting, graphing and diagnosing
•   Auto-alarm notification 24/7 via email or text
•   Energy-saving through system optimization
•   Real-time system analysis
•   Product integrity through timely notifications and parameter settings
•   HACCP compliance reporting

Designed to take full advantage of the power and reliability of the Beacon II™ Refrigeration System, the Heatcraft Remote Refrigeration Control gives users and contractors the ability to remotely optimize system parameters. This offers users a way to custom control unique walk-in freezer or cooler applications, ensuring each is fine-tuned to operate to the best of its ability.

With access to detailed performance data, users can receive verification and custom feedback on energy-saving features, such as Smart Defrost, which offers an analysis graph to show its effectiveness in reducing the number of defrost cycles for a particular system.

By keeping box temperatures even and consistent, the Heatcraft Remote Refrigeration Control helps to ensure product quality, safety and integrity. Additionally, through continuous data collection, the system simplifies record-keeping requirements associated with food service and pharmaceutical cold storage inventories.

Simple to install, maintain and service

The Heatcraft Remote Refrigeration Control is enabled through seamless integration with the Beacon II Refrigeration System's Smart Controller. With an easy-to-use interface thatís accessed via any standard web browser, contractors have secure access to remote-control functions and the ability to view more than 300 measurements and control points, in addition to alarm history and space temperature trend graphs.

Each user receives a unique, password-protected login, along with a range of user level profiles and access rights. After reviewing the data, contractors can perform remote troubleshooting from anywhere in the world to help reduce the number of service trips while improving the effectiveness of the required visits. Alerts can be also be customized to provide contractors with 24/7 notification of system alarms via email or text message.

For more information about the Heatcraft Remote Refrigeration Control and other products from Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration, view our complete product catalog.

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Product Spotlight: Heatcraft Remote Refrigeration Control
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