Heatcraft | The Cold Front | Supermarket Edition | Summer 2012 | Product Spotlight: Solar-Ready Microchannel Air-Cooled Condenser
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Product Spotlight: Solar-Ready Microchannel Air-Cooled Condenser

What’s an innovative way for store owners to go green while keeping energy costs under control? Solar-powered refrigeration!

The new SunSource™ Commercial Refrigeration Energy System from Heatcraft allows store owners to take control of their building’s energy costs by reducing energy consumption during peak demand hours.

The SunSource system integrates solar energy directly with the Heatcraft solar-ready Microchannel Air-Cooled Condenser. By using the sun’s free, clean energy to power the condenser fans and other equipment or appliances in the building, the SunSource system helps to lower a building’s dependence on the electric grid, resulting in greater energy savings and reduced operating costs. In the event surplus power is generated, it can be used by other equipment in the building.

The SunSource system can be installed on almost any supermarket rooftop making it a great choice for implementing a green-energy solution. With a microinverter system that allows each solar module to function independently, the system will continue to generate solar energy in the event one module fails or does not perform to maximum capacity, as the remaining modules will not be affected.

Safer and more reliable than traditional solar-powered systems, the SunSource system’s individual microinverters generate no more than 50 volts. In the event of a power loss, the microinverter will stop transmitting power to the rooftop unit and main building panel.

The SunSource system

•  Makes the solar-equipped microchannel condenser the industry’s efficiency leader
•  Reduces a building’s dependence on the power grid during peak load times, helping to reduce demand charges incurred year-round
•  Allows for integration of solar energy without changes to a building’s electrical infrastructure
•  Features a communications module that provides online monitoring of system status, energy production and environmental benefits in real time-24 hours a day/7 days a week

For more information about the SunSource system, contact your Heatcraft representative.

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