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It’s Summertime: Red-hot opportunities for supermarkets!

Not only is summer the hottest time of the year, it also presents a great time for sizzling hot supermarket promotions. From National Ice Cream Month celebrations and Independence Day celebrations in July, to family cookouts during Labor Day weekend in September, summer can turn your refrigerated food aisles into the place to be as shoppers search for a delicious frozen treat or a juicy steak for grilling.

As consumption for meat and frozen dairy products go into overdrive in the summer, will your store be ready? Kysor/Warren energy-efficient STRATUS™ Reach-In door cases and mobile self-contained merchandisers offer great product visibility that will help grab shoppers’ attention.

STRATUS Reach-In cases feature tall, sleek doors with quick defogging capabilities that are designed to enhance your store’s merchandising. With custom styles that fit seamlessly into any floor plan and an eco-friendly design, store owners can protect the environment while saving significantly on energy costs this summer. The cases include the largest cubic capacity on the market, with more viewing space to prominently showcase a variety of frozen fare—from popsicles to cartons of ice cream in a rainbow of colors and flavors.

Kysor/Warren STRATUS Reach-In cases offer:

•  Medium or low-temp display options
•  Increased energy savings—up to 60% compared to open cases
•  A sustainable modular design for easy maintenance and service

To further enhance product sales, consider displaying merchandise in Kysor/Warren mobile display cases, too. Perfect for featuring seasonal sales and promotions, they offer:

•  Compact size for easy relocation to high traffic areas
•  Small footprint to make valuable use of floor space
•  Grab-and-go convenience for busy shoppers
•  Easy installation and simple servicing for reduced maintenance time and operating costs

To learn more, visit www.kysorwarren.com/stratus.

It's Summertime: Red-hot opportunities for supermarkets!
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