Is going green right for you?

ProductWhat shade of green is your facility? The costs – and benefits – of green design are different whether you operate a restaurant preparing organic, sustainable foods, a hotel applying for LEED® certification or a grocery needing to lower its energy bills.

Many customers of Heatcraft Refrigeration Products have taken steps to reduce energy bills by installing high-efficiency package systems, Smart Defrost Kits™ and other products. Others take even more steps toward sustainability – a deeper shade of green – and may apply for certification through one of many green design programs, including the popular LEED rating system.

To encourage green hospitality and retail design, the USGBC introduced a Portfolio Program, a pilot involving 40 companies designed to streamline the cost and time associated with the LEED process. Buildings built to approved specs could be certified more quickly and easily. (While participation in the program has closed, you may send an email to for more information.)

Cut costs and concerns now

Installing sustainable and efficient commercial refrigeration equipment can help you achieve your goals for lower energy use and emissions, while reducing the lifetime cost of your equipment. Visit or contact a representative to learn more about:

•  PRO3 top/side mount packaged systems that optimize energy performance using EC & PSC motors and use minimal refrigerant charge
•  Condensing units with Hypercore™ microchannel technology and optional variable-speed EC motors with Orbus™ controller to improve heat transfer capabilities and lower energy use
•  Medium-profile unit coolers with a proprietary coil design that reduces potential for refrigerant leaks
•  Glycol and CO2 unit coolers that eliminate ozone-depleting refrigerants
•  Smart Defrost Kit options that defrost only when necessary

To learn more about the entire spectrum of green refrigeration design, download the Heatcraft Refrigeration Products guide to learn more about earning LEED certification points for your green refrigeration projects.

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