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Two-Stage Condensing Units and Systems

Two-stage condensing units with Bitzer compressors, matched with one or two medium profile evaporators, are designed for applications requiring a suction temperature below -40°F SST. The two-stage system can operate down to -65°F SST, which allows for room temperatures down to
-50°F. These systems are ideal for blood, plasma, pharmaceutical, food and various other storage needs.

    Bitzer two-stage compressor
    condensing unit
  • Discharge and suction vibration eliminators
  • Discharge muffler
  • Encapsulated high-pressure switch
  • Adjustable low-pressure switch with superhose
  • Crankcase heater and crankcase pressure regulator
  • Compressor contactor with circuit breaker
  • Floating Tube™ coil design
  • Flooded head pressure controls
  • Pressure fan cycling (multiple fan units)
  • Oil separator – return line solenoid valve and time delay
  • Mechanical subcooler
  • Replaceable core liquid line filter dryer
  • Suction accumulator and replaceable core suction filter
  • Defrost timer
  • Defrost heater and evaporator fan contactors with fusing
  • Phase monitor, anti-short-cycle timer and pumpdown switch
  • Thermo-Flex™ coil design
  • Thermostatic expansion valve factory installed
  • Liquid line solenoid valve factory installed
  • Low temperature motors
  • Double wall insulated drain pan
  • Adjustable defrost termination and fan delay