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Adjustable Nozzle Distributor

The Adjustable Nozzle Distributor (AND) is available as a factory-installed option for air and electric defrost evaporators in capacities between 40,000 BTUH and 117,000 BTUH (currently our Large Unit Coolers and many Medium-Profile Unit Coolers). The AND is tuned after start-up and is optimized for actual jobsite operation, eliminating any need to open the system to change replaceable nozzles or make adjustments in nozzle size to account for changes in application, refrigerant, ambient or other unforeseen variations from design specs.

Using only a screwdriver on the adjuster stem, the nozzle can be easily fine-tuned to specific application needs.

  • Optimized for actual jobsite
    conditions – no need to open the system
  • More forgiving to seasonal temperature changes
  • Compensates for marginal expansion valve sizing
  • Adjustments are simple and require only standard hand tools