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New online service lets you monitor from anywhere.

The Heatcraft Vantage™ Console unites refrigeration systems and connectivity expertise in one innovative online service. This web-based remote monitoring and diagnostic offering is a real value. Now you can be notified of an alarm condition before there’s even a chance of spoilage or product loss.

The Heatcraft Vantage Console is the most advanced monitoring package for commercial refrigeration systems.

Enabled through seamless integration with the Beacon II™ refrigeration system, Mohave™ advanced hot gas defrost system or any other Heatcraft® Smart Controller, the Heatcraft Vantage Console provides 24-hour monitoring and access for a unique level of visibility not possible with conventional systems. All you need in order to receive this online service is a Beacon II Device Server, a Global Tier Data Router and your Heatcraft Smart Controller.

Ideally suited for pharmacies, cold-storage warehouses and data-storage houses, Heatcraft Vantage Console offers:

  • remote monitoring of real-time data
  • access to over 300 measurements and control points
  • complete access to all remote control functions
  • secured access
  • easy setup and configuration
  • field remote to any Heatcraft Smart Controller
  • reporting/graphing/diagnosing
  • auto alarm notification 24/7 via email, text or fax
  • energy savings capability
  • real-time analysis
  • product integrity through timely notifications
  • HACCP compliance

The Heatcraft Vantage Console keeps you visibly connected—even off-site.

Log on with your unique user name and password and access your system remotely through any Internet connection. You are immediately connected to system status, alarm history and space temperature trend graphs. Additional system performance data, such as number of compressor cycles, compressor run time and length of defrost cycle, is also available.

Outdated monitoring solutions currently on the market operate through stand-alone sensors that are typically limited to measuring box and product temperatures. With its Internet connectivity and remote capabilities, the Heatcraft Vantage Control is the most advanced commercial refrigeration system monitoring package available.

BE COOL. You’re in control with Heatcraft Vantage Console.

Increase safety, security and savings with the industry’s first remote monitoring system. Here’s how:


  • No special connection required: advanced remote management, notifications and monitoring through standard Internet connection
  • Remote and secure login to check/retrieve stats
  • Multiple location capability and visibility through one dashboard

Preventive Maintenance

  • Fewer service calls to each location
  • Troubleshooting capabilities prior to, or instead of, service call
  • Custom alarm notification
  • Real-time graphing and performance monitoring
  • Protection of equipment investment

Foodservice Regulator Compliance

  • Continuous data collection
  • Automatic reporting and monitoring of HACCP and quality control data

Food Preservation

  • Even, consistent temperatures for longer storage
  • Perishable food and inventory can have a longer shelf life

Energy Savings

  • Verification and reporting of potential energy savings

Now, you can guard against product loss.

The Heatcraft Vantage Console constantly monitors storage conditions and issues automatic alarm notifications via email, text or fax, giving you the ability to respond immediately and prevent product loss.

This online service speeds troubleshooting and shortens service calls. If an alarm sounds, you can keep refrigeration systems online via remote control until a service technician can be dispatched to the job site. Then, thanks to remote diagnostics, you can let the technician know ahead of time what needs fixing, so repairs can be made quickly with minimal equipment down time and less risk of spoilage.

Energy-saving capabilities have a positive impact on profitability.

Because you can monitor system status and performance data, including compressor run times and length of defrost cycles, the Heatcraft Vantage Console provides verification and validation of energy savings. Data is displayed in graphs that measure system performance, showing before and after impacts of energy-saving features.

Advanced algorithms developed by Heatcraft Refrigeration Products show how the system is performing compared to design conditions or in comparison to other similar systems. You are also able to measure how system performance and energy efficiency change over time.

Consider the savings and value-added benefits.

With 24/7 monitoring and reporting, this service provides the data you need to customize a maintenance schedule that reduces labor costs while maximizing your refrigeration system's energy-saving capabilities.

When you use this online remote monitoring system, product integrity is maintained at the highest possible level. Continuous monitoring can improve inventory preservation and overall product quality. The result can be longer shelf life, reduced product waste and a healthier bottom line.

The Heatcraft Vantage Console lets you enjoy the cost savings and convenience of real-time monitoring and control. You can count on exceptional customer service from partners that have a track record for reliability. This unique online service is available in Basic, Deluxe and Premium memberships.

For more information, please visit www.heatcraftrpd.com, email Heatcraftvantage@globaltier.com or call 1-866-323-9191.