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New CO2 Unit Cooler Line


The elimination and phase-out of CFC- and HCFC-based refrigerants have prompted refrigerant-dependent industries to seek alternatives designed to reduce ozone depletion and global warming. Those industries are increasingly turning to CO2-based systems.

Heatcraft Refrigeration Products is meeting that demand with the introduction of a new line of CO2 unit coolers, available in various configurations to meet the specific needs of the supermarket industry.

Heatcraft's new line of CO2 unit coolers includes 62 models, in low profile, medium profile, center mount and low velocity product families. Capacities match standard direct expansion (DX) models and are measured in BTUH.


The new CO2 unit coolers offer numerous benefits addressing both environmental and cost-control concerns:

  • High volumetric capacity – reduced compressor and pipe size
  • Low HFC refrigerant charge – HFCs are eliminated or restricted to a machine room; therefore, line runs are shorter and overall volume is minimized
  • Reduced carbon emissions – because refrigerant is confined to a machine room, there are fewer braze joints and a significant reduction in potential leaks
  • Improved temperature control
  • Lower refrigerant costs – CO2 costs are currently 90% lower than traditional refrigerants ($1/lb versus $11/lb for R-404A)
  • Reduced installation costs and space savings – due to smaller line sizes and reduced copper piping delay

For more information, download our whitepaper.