PRO3 Side Mount Keeps Shane’s Rib Shack on Track

Quick Install Reduces Utility Costs, Protects Perishables

Shane’s Rib Shack in McDonough, GA, has everything you’d want in a Southern barbecue restaurant: It’s clean, but not fancy; they serve big portions of tender meat and mouth-watering side dishes; and the service is quick and friendly to both regular customers and first-timers. Despite the fact that it’s part of a 90-location system panning 14 states, it has the charm of a hometown place that you wish was around the corner from your house for a quick meal. The charm, however, did not extend to the store’s former refrigeration unit, an old system within a deteriorating metal cooler located behind the restaurant’s main building.

“I was literally at my wit’s end with that setup. This is an old structure, which has great character, but you don’t want ‘character’ for your cooler,” said franchise owner Chris Pair. “Nothing about the scenario was good, especially with the wild temperature swings we get in Georgia. Talk about some sleepless nights—I was constantly in fear of what would happen if the unit failed, and I could never place large orders because I couldn’t afford to lose food to spoilage.”

Scott Seccuro, a product engineer at Heatcraft Refrigeration Products’ Corporate Headquarters in nearby Stone Mountain, lives close to the restaurant and is a frequent customer. As part of the team that developed the new PRO3 Side Mount packaged refrigeration system, he recognized the opportunity to field-test the product’s technology while helping a local business solve a significant problem.

“The features of the PRO3 Side Mount fit perfectly with the needs of Chris’ restaurant,” Seccuro said. “We were able to install it in less than two hours early on a weekend morning, and since then he’s seen his utility costs decrease by more than $100 per month because of the energy-efficient motors used throughout the unit. Additionally, the PRO3 Side Mount is a more environmentally conscious option, because it uses only 10 percent of the refrigerant a traditional split system uses.”* The PRO3 Side Mount is designed specifically for foodservice kitchens, quick- and full-service restaurants, convenience stores and other small- to medium-sized applications that require maximum airflow to pull down— and hold—the temperatures of beverages and foods.

Pre-charged with refrigerant and having no need for additional refrigerant piping at installation, the PRO3 Side Mount usually installs in just one-quarter of the time that split systems require, so there is very little downtime for the restaurant or store when installing the refrigeration system. With a restaurant-quality, brushed aluminum finish that will complement any space, the packaged system has an optional electric defrost in cooler models to further maintain integrity of food products.

Significantly increased energy savings can be obtained by upgrading to ultra-efficient electronically commutated (EC) motors on the evaporator portion of the PRO3 system.

“Lowering my utility bills has been a direct and important benefit, but having this unit has been a boost in other ways: It keeps my perishables fresh and at the correct, consistent storage temperature. Food safety is crucial and with this unit, I don’t have to worry about the storage portion of the flow of food through my restaurant,” added Pair. “The system is completely reliable so I can stock more inventory than I used to in anticipation of busy days.”

“The PRO3 Side Mount is working so well for me that I know other restaurants would benefit as much, if not more, than mine. When you look at all the facts, the decision is just a no-brainer,” he concluded.

* Based on a 2.5 HP system using R-404A, assuming 100-ft. refrigerant line run.