Heatcraft Refrigeration Keeps it Cool for Global Humanitarian Organization

Donated Refrigeration Equipment Ensures Proper Storage of Medical Supplies

Since 1992, Heart to Heart International (HHI) has been responding to people in crisis and addressing community health concerns around the world, with the goal of making the world a healthier place to live and work. Based in Olathe, Kansas (a suburb of Kansas City), the organization was born out of a Rotary Club meeting in which a physician shared his passion to help people in need halfway around the world. Today, HHI works with local safety-net agencies to provide emergency relief and medical assistance in local U.S. communities as well as nearly 60 other countries.

“Most global humanitarian organizations are based on either the East or West Coast, but HHI grew up in Kansas City, a metropolitan area that believes in philanthropy and volunteerism — two hallmarks of HHI’s humanitarian work locally and globally,” said Jon North, CEO of the organization.

HHI runs a very tight ship and focuses on leveraging all its resources to meet the needs of the people it serves. Ninety-nine percent of all donations go directly to humanitarian programs, with only one percent going to overhead. And every $1 donation is transformed into more than $54 worth of medical aid for underserved people.

“Because our resources are directed mostly to serving the world’s poor, we generally don’t have dedicated funds for physical plant. But our huge global distribution facility is the core of our operations,” added North. “We have long wanted a cold-storage unit for pharmaceuticals, but we never had an extra $100,000 in the budget to make it happen. We have been successful at getting many things donated, but that always seemed to be on the ‘unfilled’ column of our wish list.”

That’s when Heatcraft Refrigeration Products teamed up with CFM Distributors and RMS Mechanical in Kansas City. The group stepped in to help out and, once the need was determined, U.S. Cooler agreed to donate a walk-in cooler and Heatcraft Refrigeration offered to supply the refrigeration unit.

The new ½ – 6 HP air-cooled condensing unit donated by Heatcraft Refrigeration features HyperCore™ microchannel coil technology and optional variable speed EC (VSEC) motors with the Orbus™ Controller — making the donation valuable not only in the short term but also for the long haul since it’s the most energy-efficient, environmentally friendly condensing unit available on the market today.

“This is a unit that is now in constant use, at an organization that is very mindful of expenses,” said Tim Blackmore of Heatcraft Refrigeration. “We gave HHI the opportunity to cut their energy costs and also ensure that critical medical supplies are stored at the correct temperature at all times.”

The team from Heatcraft Refrigeration, CFM Distributors and RMS Mechanical also donated their time on a Saturday to install the equipment, saving HHI the cost of paying a mechanical crew. “We just wanted to ensure everything went smoothly for them. When you get this involved with a project, you really want to see it through to completion,” added Blackmore. “This was much more than a typical installation and they were so grateful to have a solution for a difficult challenge. It makes me feel good that I work for a company that understands the value of stepping up to the plate.”

“In a struggling economy, there are more people in need than ever before, both at home and around the world. Unfortunately, the economy also means that our donations are down because people don’t have as much to give,” said North. “But it’s also the time social service agencies are offering more assistance. We truly did not have the budget for this, but somehow this team made the impossible happen.”