Heatcraft Refrigeration Products Announces 2018 Price Increase

Stone Mountain, GA, United States -November 1, 2017 – Heatcraft Refrigeration Products today announced a general price increase for customers effective January 1, 2018, on select commercial refrigeration products.

This price increase, ranging from 4% on most equipment and 2% on parts, is driven by notable increases in raw material costs, freight, shipping materials and purchased part components.

"We continuously strive to offset cost with process improvements and productivity enhancements, but it has now become necessary to increase our prices to offset industry inflation and ensure our ability to continue delivering value to customers moving forward,” said Jeff Pecoroni, Vice President, Sales, Heatcraft Refrigeration Products.

About Heatcraft Refrigeration Products

Heatcraft Refrigeration Products, LLC is a business unit of Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration operating in the United States, Canada and Mexico manufacturing premier commercial refrigeration products under the BOHN™, Larkin™, Climate Control™, Chandler™ and InterLink™ brands providing customers with advanced refrigeration products through superior innovation with a commitment towards continuous improvement, highest standards of quality and service, and a driving need to be the first choice in refrigeration solutions. For more information, please visit HeatcraftRPD.com today.