Enhance Profits Margins by Reducing Energy Bills and Improving Performance with New ½ to 6HP Condensing Unit from Heatcraft Refrigeration Products

Stone Mountain, GA (December 15, 2008) – One area in the store that is often overlooked in a foodservice operation is the refrigeration system, which can consume as much as 50% of a store’s energy. Convenience stores, restaurants and foodservice operations can become more profitable and enjoy relief from rising energy costs with the newly designed ½ to 6HP condensing unit with HyperCore™ microchannel technology from Heatcraft Refrigeration Products. The new ½ to 6HP condensing unit with HyperCore is an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly offering that qualifies as an E+ Solutions product. Available in ½ to 6 HP configurations that are R-404A compatible, the new condensing units feature HyperCore microchannel coil technology to allow superior heat transfer capabilities and reduced refrigerant charges compared to standard copper-aluminum round tube plate fin (RTPF) coils. The condenser coil refrigerant charge may be reduced by up to 75 percent using HyperCore microchannel coils, leading to as much as a 40 percent reduction in system charge and reducing costs for end users. All-aluminum construction provides unsurpassed protection from corrosion and refrigerant leaks for excellent reliability.

“We’re excited to lead the industry by offering the new HyperCore microchannel coil technology in this product line,” said Celena Evans, Group Manager—Product Management for Heatcraft Refrigeration. “Exceeding customer expectations through innovation and environmental stewardship is at the heart of our company’s mission. To further support our customers’ drive for affordable energy saving solutions, we are also offering variable speed EC (VSEC) motors with a proprietary Orbus™ controller, as well as a factory installed Smart Defrost Kit (SDK) as optional features on the ½ to 6HP condensing units.”

The optional variable-speed EC (VSEC) motor with Orbus controller can help dramatically reduce energy consumption by responding quickly to load changes and providing stable head pressure optimizing system performance. The VSEC motors offer the high level of energy control businesses need to stay competitive.

To further reduce energy and maintenance expenses, the units are offered with optional factory-installed InterLink™ Smart Defrost Kit™ (SDK). The SDK helps eliminate unnecessary defrosts in commercial, electric-defrost walk-in refrigeration systems. By predicting frost accumulation, the SDK has been proven to reduce the number of unnecessary defrosts by as much as 44 percent, according to third party testing.

For more information about the ½ to 6 HP air-cooled condensing unit, variable speed EC Motors (VSEC) with Orbus Controller, the Smart Defrost Kit or other systems from Heatcraft Refrigeration Products, please visit www.heatcraftrpd.com.

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